Shipping Policy

We are a team of dog lovers and dog people who appreciate little tokens and jewelry that allow our dogs to be reminded and always be with us, either the ones waiting for us at home or the ones that have crossed the rainbow bridge. The idea is to have a catalog of goods that are shipped directly from the suppliers to your door!

On one hand, giveaway items come from abroad, so they may take a little longer than expected, up to 40 days to arrive. These items are shipped via a more economical shipping method and thus without tracking, in order for us to be able to continuously do so and avoid losses at the same time. So, we value and appreciate your patience in this matter, but if your item doesn’t arrive in 40 days, submit a request to our email info[at] and we’ll investigate the issue and find a solution.

The estimated time for all other items is about 2 to 3 weeks to arrive at your door. These items are trackable via your national shipping courier.

In case you ordered more than one item, they may come in different parcels since they come from a range of different suppliers. Parcels may arrive in distinct dates due to that fact.